Structural Repairs

Structural Repairs, Newton, CT

At CD Carpentry & Remodel, LLC, we have all the experience and expertise necessary to offer our clients a full range of structural repair services. The wooden structure of your home should always be in good condition. However, a lot of changes can take place in your home since it was built as well as during the time you have been living in it. We specialize in providing home structural repairs services for substructures including joists, girders, subfloors, sills, piers, beams, foundations, walls, and roofs. We will repair a failing, damaged, or weakened floor joist to save the foundation. Our experienced home structural repairs specialists will assess your foundational structure’s condition and recommend the best solutions for the floor joists.

Home Structural Repairs

Any form of issue with the main beam can have serious implications on your home’s structure. Our experienced and well-trained experts can spot immediate and potential problems. Catching potential issues in time can save you on extensive repairs or replacements. There are many signs that your basement and crawlspace support may have problems and needs fixing. The foundation may be starting to give way, floor joists or beams may be bowing or cracking, interior walls may be beginning to sag, or there may be cracks in the basement walls. We can identify the root cause of the issue and fix them for you.

Is your front stoop starting to droop? Is your front porch beginning to sink into the front yard? We also provide porch and front stoop repair services. A house is only as sound as the work of its structural carpenter. When it comes to hiring a structural repairs expert, make sure to consider experience and specialization. We know this business in and out, as our family has been into it for decades. We know the hazards and how to avoid them. Whatever the case of damage to your home’s structure, we can create a solution for it.

Foundation Repairs

Homes with wooden foundations are rare. However, there are still homes with crawl spaces and basements that use the age-old material. If your foundation is showing signs of sinking, cracking, or shifting, we are the specialists in fixing them. When it comes to the proper execution of foundation repairs, it is important to choose someone that fully understands structural integrity and is an expert in different situations that could compromise it. We are the specialists in foundation underpinning. Our foundation repair services will ensure that your home will become secure for a long time. We have been in the business of raising sinking foundations for years.

We will assess your foundation issues before creating a custom solution. We can set up interior and outside piling foundation piers to prevent foundation movement. They will be placed under the house in spots where the soil is deep enough. This will help end fractures and prevent further sinking and settling. Many renovation projects such as home additions and new floors can get ruined by foundation problems. Foundation issues are serious and can fact your property’s value. We can restore your home’s foundation by providing affordable and permanent solutions. Underpinning is typically a great solution for leveling floors, lifting homes, stopping foundations from moving, and can increase your home’s value. We use the right equipment during the repair work to cause minimal disruption to your home.

If you suspect damage to your foundation, get in touch with us for an evaluation. Our team comprises experts who are specifically trained in inspecting foundation problems. After taking digital elevations of your house, we will discuss the issues with you. Once we have discovered the damage, we will create affordable solutions to stop the settlement permanently. We have developed unique foundation repair systems that have been installed in countless houses. Besides, we always stay up to date with the latest techniques and technologies to create permanent solutions for our clients.

Structural Beam Repairs

Wooden beams are known to become less reliable with time. We provide structural beam repair services covering load-bearing walls, beams, and roofs. Structural beam issues can cause sagging floors and long-term damage to your home’s structural integrity. We have experience in working with such structural issues by creating effective and long-term solutions. If there is significant damage to your crawl space beams, we can replace them to reinforce the structure’s stability. Weak beams can be detected by the spongy or bouncy floors. If the damage is not as serious or the beams are accessible, we can repair or reinforce them.

There are few things that are as serious to your home’s structure as your foundation repairman telling you there is need for main beam repairs. With us, you will not have to worry about the repair work. We have vast experience and can do the job right the first time. External structure issues are one thing, but issues that cause your house to cave in from the middle are more serious. Adequate internal load-bearing support is critical for the interior walls to keep your house solid and upright. We can use main support beams, columns, floor joists, support poles, and other support systems for the job. Factors like age, gravity, weather, and external conditions can affect your home’s structural integrity. This can create extra strain on all the supporting systems, especially the main beams and floor joists.

Our repair work will also focus on spreading the weight-bearing load across the structure of the house. This can help the foundation, floors, walls, ceilings, and other structures work effectively in the long-term. When your support beams show signs of weakening, rotting, or cracking, call in the experts. Interior walls can show signs of cracks or floors can buckle, slide, or slope. If you notice any such signs, get in touch with us.

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